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Technology Consulting Services for Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants and Clubs

With nearly 40 years experience in the travel and hospitality industry, we serve as a trusted technology advisor for travel companies, hotel brands, management companies, independent hotels and resorts, restaurants, and clubs with a focus on delivering practical and enduring results while positioning our Clients to lead and succeed. 

Our Technology Consulting Services are designed to not only address the technology transformation, but equally as important, the impact of new technology. We work with your organization to assess and refine processes, workflows, and management systems that are affected by technology change and help ensure a smooth transition.


We begin by asking the question “are we merely re-platforming the existing processes and data or are we embarking on a true guest transformation journey where we challenge the status quo?

We then assess your existing technology framework, infrastructure, security, distribution, sales and operational controls, labor efficiencies, associated agreements, and related costs. We uncover technology barriers to your operations, and use our unique blend of business and technology experience to solve your unique challenges. Our proven methodologies, tools, and best practices fast-track your digital business transformation while leveraging technology to reduce costs.

Our Technology and Organization Assessment includes a review of areas of sufficiency and shortfall of your current technology platform and provide an initial overview of a potential future technology approach. The objective is to arrive at, and document, a consensus concerning:

  1. existing tech stack and data flows
  2. systems which are, and will likely remain, suitable including identification of significant shortcomings and gaps meriting attention
  3. systems which already are, or will likely soon become, unsuitable including indication of urgency of replacement.
  4. areas where a system would be highly beneficial but are not currently implemented
  5. potential future tech stack and data flows
  6. prioritization and deployment timeframes of enhanced, upgraded, and recommended new systems
  7. organization assessment and staff training needs
  8. projects that are financially sustainable and successful, and realized with the determined resources and budget


Following the initial assessment, we work, on our Client’s behalf, with vendors to procure new and upgraded solutions and services while understanding the capital and/or operating expenses associated with the selection of the technology and communications infrastructure.

  • researching and interviewing potential vendors
  • developing and distributing materials to vendors for the RFP process
  • managing vendor questions and assessing vendor RFP responses
  • creating business case validation components for vendor finalists’ selection
  • facilitating vendor finalists’ presentation sessions
  • coordinating negotiations on agreement terms, pricing, and associated components of the scope of work and deployment schedules with selected vendors


We provide complete project oversight on planning and deployment of the selected technologies and related infrastructure while ensuring timely coordination of the overall project timeline.

Following the solutions deployment, we will work directly with your personnel to optimize all the technologies to ensure their proper use with above property, and on property front and back of house staff.


  • providing guidance and a roadmap that allows teams to avoid common pitfalls and costly surprises
  • helping businesses gain a competitive edge by leveraging emerging technologies, reducing the risk of costly mistakes, increasing the likelihood of guest satisfaction, and making more informed decisions with data through analytics, artificial intelligence, and other data technologies
  • working with existing technology vendors to mitigate current gaps and operational encumbrances
  • identifying areas of technology waste and inefficiency, leading to cost savings and improved employee productivity
  • mitigating cybersecurity risks, protecting sensitive data and ensuring data compliance with relevant regulations